OK. Are you ready to lose weight?

I’m serious. And I have a very serious plan so I need to be stern. Bear with me! Or look better bare – Oh – we’ll get to that!

The HCG diet that I’m offering is an intense, 500 calorie, very strict diet with daily injections. And this is very important and I can’t stress this enough if you want to succeed:

  • You need to be totally prepared both emotionally and physically before you start.
  • The first meeting is for those ready to participate and prepared to begin that day.
  • You must be willing (after a training session, of course) to give yourself injections 6 days a week. If you can’t do this, or if you have Type one diabetes, you are NOT a candidate.
  • The 7th shot will be with me once weekly at a weigh in and measure and counseling session.
  • You will also get a Vitamin B12 shot that day (helps the liver process the fat), and your supplies for the following week.


Why does this tried and true diet work so well?

This diet involves a chemical change that resets the hypothalamus – a part of the brain. You can’t cheat, even a little.

I re-emphasize, you must be dedicated.

  • You can’t eat or go near any oil product, so all make-up must be oil-free, and moisturizing cream must be oil free. A patient of mine who was on this diet was told to use oil free Baby Magic Night Time moisturizer – hopefully you all won’t smell like a diaper.
  • You will find that for 28 days social life is nearly impossible (sex is OK – I can’t take everything away from you!) until you find things to do other than going out to dinner with friends, having them over to dinner, girls’ night out with drinks – for 28 days. Count each day off – 4 weeks flies by. Think of other things to do – bowling without the beer or Jack Daniels (you can tell where my head is!), stamping, learn to play the piano or some other instrument, gardening, finally train your dog – etc. You can give all of us better ideas, I’m sure! I welcome that, and remember this is a dialogue, not a lecture, so maybe I should start a blog?
  • If you don’t do this diet with a friend or family member, I’ll find a buddy for you for support.
  • I will always be available evenings by e-mail for boost of confidence and moral support. I’ll shame you into staying on course. I’ll answer all e-mails in the evening. Phone calls are difficult while seeing patients and doing pap smears! And I don’t text.
  • You need to purchase a food scale (digital is best – go to http://thehomescales.com/index.html) to weigh ounces, and have a tape measure, scale, and it will be nice to have a camera with picture taking capabilities.


First of all, I used this diet 25 years ago and lost about 30 pounds and kept it off. So this is not theory to me but personal experience. From my experience I have learned that it is necessary to have:

  1. Weekly weigh-in
  2. - On weekends because it is more convenient for most of you
  3. You are most likely to binge/fail without our support on weekends
  4. Behavioral support
  5. - Group Support
  6. - Buddy support
  7. - With family member
  8. Motivation
  9. Injections
  10. - Will begin with only injections – must be willing to self-inject – I’ll give lessons – you’ll be a pro at the end of the session. No, you can not practice on me. Bring a teddy bear, or a voodoo doll.
  11. B-12 injections
  12. Load up on carbs before first meeting


You WILL lose weight quickly, feel very “clean”, lose inches fast, get very excited about this immediate gratification, have increased energy and almost a euphoric feeling – no, there are no other drugs involved! The diet seems to release endorphins.

I will send you some questions about your goals, etc, to e-mail back to me, along with a ‘score board’ to track your weekly weight and measurements.

After interrogating many, many patients in the last months about their diet experiences while they were nude waiting for a gyn annual exam (they couldn’t run away) I really think I have a good plan, and you can tell me where it needs to be “tweaked” as we go along.


Why the weekend sessions?

The sessions will be on Saturdays or Sunday afternoons because this is #1 when most are not working and #2 when folks are most likely to binge.

First meeting will be weight, picture, injection class, first injection, B12 injection, diet plan and tips, group talk and Q & A. You will bring form with your measurements, and you will take home energy, anticipation, medication and supplies in a cold pack (must be kept cold), a sharps container for used safety needles (to be returned for me to dispose at last session).

You can download the diet – now, if you like! Go to http://www.hcgdietinfo.com

Each session you should bring back:

  • The medication bag and cold pack – I’ll replace with supplies for the following week.
  • Also bring your measurement chart, and in case you forget, I’ll be asking for those numbers by e-mail throughout each week.

If there are 10 of you in a group and we talk together and then I see all separately to weigh and take pictures, that’s an extra 1 ½ hours of waiting for some, so the plan is set arrival times at 10 minute intervals before the group session – 5 will arrive before the session and 5 will be seen during and after group. If taking you out of the group for short periods of time turns out to be less of a disruption than I thought, we’ll just do it that way for the rest of the sessions – I’ll need your feedback on this.

I don’t want to take up your whole afternoon unless you wish to hang at the boutique office (the place is gorgeous and the living room has a Steinway baby grand piano! Go for it!).


The cost for the program is $300.

I can take credit card or check, brought to the first meeting.


Why HCG? Why won’t I be as much of a failure with this diet as I have been on all the others?

Well, my friend Anne said it perfectly: “I find a more focused, high intensity approach more appealing. I don’t necessarily buy the “Slow and Steady Wins the Race” when it comes to weight loss. I think sometimes you need to see some results to help propel you forward”. And with this diet you see the changes – and feel them – right away, and it gives you impetus to keep going. Even those who have to lose over a hundred pounds can benefit from this quick start approach. After 4 weeks they can maintain for a while and then start up again 6-8 weeks later. And think of some those ridiculous ads on TV – “I can eat brownies or yummy lasagna!” Well, on a diet, and then afterward, you shouldn’t eat that junk anyway, so diet sugarless or fatfree crap is still not stuff you should crave in the first place. I haven’t had a french fry in 20 years – I like myself and love my husband too much to get on that slippery slope again. Ever. I remember the pain way too vividly. HCG retrains your habits – see below! (By the way, my husband will be following the diet with the first group – I frequently pull potato chips out of his mouth! - he may not come to the sessions with all of us – he thinks a man in the room would make my ladies uncomfortable – if you get your male family members to do this with you, let me know. They tend to lose weight faster!).

Wouldn’t anyone lose on 500 calories a day?

Yup. But you’d never be able to stay on it for 4 weeks - you would be hungry and weak. You would most likely lose muscle as well as fluid and fat. You would be in a starvation state, so your metabolic rate would re-adjust and slow down to conserve calories (energy), and it would subsequently take fewer calories for you to gain weight and more tears to try to lose it. Obviously this isn’t healthy and does not lead to a weight reduction and toned body. HCG actually firms – the skin shrinks instead of contributing to weight loss sagging, and people tell me they felt like they glowed. The HCG causes the hypothalamus to mobilize fat from areas it has been stored (those love handles that are annoying you so much – those thighs you hate to see in jeans – the bulges above your bra on your back, those dimples in your knees) and that fat now can be used as energy – a food source for your body. So – you are eating 500 calories but the other calories are obtained from this suddenly freed fat so you are living on over two thousand calories a day. This is why you lose inches and pounds quickly and don’t lose energy or feel a lot of hunger. This is a great diet for those of you who eat well and intelligently, exercise, and still can’t lose pounds.

You lose real adipose tissue, not muscle and fluid.

Won’t I bounce right back?

Nope. You feel clean, invigorated. The body goes through a detox – stored toxins are released and eliminated. After 4 weeks, you have actually lost some bad habits. There is a change in how you relate to foods, and an increase in awareness of tastes and smells. Many no longer long for, and can’t even tolerate – harmful fats and sugars and processed foods. To this day I can’t stand the smell or taste of donuts. But I do love bagels! Anyway, your eating habits become retrained, so you start to appreciate the natural foods that are good for you – you take pleasure in the aroma of a truly fresh cucumber, or the color of a perfect ripe tomato or strawberry.

Why the group sessions and counseling?

When you are heavy, people treat you differently. You get used to it. When you are thinner the change in how you are perceived by others can be difficult to handle. Remember, this is not a gradual diet, and you need to be able to cope with your new body image. When handled correctly, there is power in a good image and self-esteem.

I hope to see you in my program. Remember, this diet is life-changing. It changed my life 25 years ago and it can change yours.

Contact me for more details.

I’m ready to help.



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