I have a master's degree in nursing (MSN) and have been specializing in the women's health area since 1969. I am nationally certified (RNC) and have been a Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner since 1990. In June 2005, I joined the offices of Dr. Gabrielle Goodrick, a family practice physician also very comitted to female health care.

With many years of experience, my strengths have developed into an ability to anticipate a woman's concerns (very handy when women are reluctant to ask intimate questions), decrease anxiety, and create a comfortable bond between my clients and myself. I truly believe that humor is one of the best medicines there is, and that most negative things can be overcome with the proper attitude!

I perform yearly GYN exams and infection checks. Nurse practitioners are teachers also, and I teach my patients about how to lose weight, which vitamins to take, what exercises are effective, which birth control is good for you - and HIM!! - and how to recognize infections. I also send monthly newsletters to all of my patients, by e-mail if you have it, or "snail mail" if you don't!

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Does she speak Spanish?
Well, Lynne reads and writes Spanish, but it hasn't come out of her mouth yet. She's trying! How about a little French?



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