• Did you ever have a personal medical question you were too embarrassed to ask?

• Did you ever wake up with a bump-lump-irritation-pain-in a "private area" and you didn't know whom to turn to?

• Were you too embarrassed to ask a mother, aunt, cousin, best friend, or neighbor who is a nurse/doctor/veterinarian?

• Did you ever think you might be pregnant, or that you messed up on your birth control method, or weren't using any at all and now you are scared?

• Are you worried about possible sexually transmitted infections, but you don’t know what to look for or how “at risk” you are?

• Do you hear info or read about female diseases on the Internet and don't know fact from fiction?
• Are you bothered with monthly mood swings, or unexplained weight gain, or irregular and/or painful periods?

• Are you 40 or 50 “something” with menopausal hormonal concerns?

• Or are you pretty secure with your knowledge, your partner, and life in general and just need a yearly health checkup to keep things running smoothly?

This is my job! And I can help answer your women's heath questions.



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